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Boost for Linwood

30 Oct

Linwood Village shops on Stanmore Road have just had a big boost following the post-quake demolitions.

Hibbards Butchery is back! Having lost their premises in firstly the quake of September 2010 and secondly the quake of February 2011, Hibbards have reopened in the most prominent of the remaining retail spaces.


The cheerful bright green colour scheme and signs are a welcome boost to our devastated shopping precinct.

Swivel 90 degrees to the left, and you can see empty space where Hibbards’ last two premises were.


The guys in Hibbards were lucky to survive the February quake. The roof of their Worcester St premises collapsed to the ground at the street front. Fortunately the boys had fled out the back, which remained upright.

Neighbourhood butcher shops are history in most of the city. Linwood has been a pretty special inner city neighbourhood; one of the few suburbs that has retained a local butcher. Huge ups to the boys at Hibbards for making it happen again.


Hangman is no more – Castle Rock post-quake

3 Mar

Let’s make it official, a fistful of classic Castle Rock climbing routes were destroyed by Christchurch’s 22 February earthquake.

[Update 2 April 2011: The best source of information on the state of Port Hills crags is the Facebook page for the Canterbury-Westland section of the NZ Alpine Club]

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Four weeks after the big Canterbury eart…

6 Oct

Four weeks after the big Canterbury earthquake, the people of Sumner got together to celebrate the efforts of their volunteer fire brigade and raise funds.

A selection of photos from the fair on Saturday 2 October.

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A big hand for Avonside

6 Oct


The silt-shovelling team taking a lunchbreak on Avonside Drive a couple of weekends ago.

A huge team of volunteers, initially university students, combed Christchurch after the 4 Sept earthquake, helping out where they could.

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Earthquake thank you in Richmond

3 Oct

A resident of Avalon St in the Christchurch suburb of Richmond was so overwhelmed with neighbourhood support after the quake that he mounted this sign on his fence.


One whole side of Jonathan’s house was covered with tarpaulins.  It looked like most of the brick wall had collapsed in the earthquake.  Fortunately into an empty section.

I wrote earlier about Flesher Ave a few blocks away.  They got hit very hard.  But most of the rest of Richmond seemed to fare okay.  Sadly, many streets have isolated examples of damage greater than the loss of a chimney.  Jonathan is one example.  Over in Forth St a delightful brick house was also badly shaken up.  Much of the outer layer of bricks are on the ground, a large crack runs through the wall and a window frame is wildly askew.

It will be a shame if we lose more of the quaint remains of old Richmond.  The suburb has been intensively developed with small units.  I delivered twice as many fliers to letterboxes in this area than I would to a similar-sized area elsewhere.


Memphis Belle – values first

24 Sep

Update 3 March 2011: The Memphis Belle is a total write off following the 22 Feb 2011 earthquake.  The pharmacist from next door told me that Shane survived.  Tragically, the lovely good-sort Natasha at Wicks Fish (another neighbouring business) and her customer were killed.

Original article September 2010:

Shane Tatum of Memphis Belle pizzeria in Linwood is living the life he loves.  The eccentric decor of the Worcester St eatery gives a hint of the “old soul” who dwells within.  Jam-packed with World War II and related memorabilia, the shop is a delightful experience that money could not buy.

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Rebuilding the People’s City

15 Sep

A huge event with the above title occurred in Christchurch tonight.  Around 400 people packed into the sports bar at the Woolston Club to hear views on the rebuilding of Christchurch following the 4 September earthquake.

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