Microsoft Surface as audio source

Really loving the quality of audio from my Microsoft Surface Pro 3. Best I have heard from a PC’s headphone socket by a long shot. Been enjoying the casual headphone listening. Tonight its plugged in to my vintage A&R Cambridge A60 and ProAc Tablette speakers while I work. Was sounding pretty good at my home workstation, until I stepped back to get a more normal stereo perspective and found myself blown away by the sheer quality coming from the speakers. Smooth, spacious, precise and luscious.

Listening to the nicely produced atmospheric Different Pulses LP by the gifted singer Asaf Avidan on Spotify at 320k compression.

Will make some time in the next couple of months to properly compare with my Sony Walkman NW-ZX1, which has been my portable audio champ to date. The Surface is obviously not pocketable like the Walkman, but an interesting comparison nonetheless. My impression so far is that the extra power available in a larger format device is assisting the Surface in presenting music with an ease that will escape pocket-based devices.