Transfiguration of Vincent


It’s eleven years old; when it’s twenty-one years old I will still be listening and sailing into the ether with this record.

First shared with me as an MP3 album, I have been hypnotised from the moment it entered my life. M Ward’s “Transfiguration of Vincent” is an album that transcends time and fashion to transport me every time. Eager to experience it in full gloriousness, I was disappointed to discover that the vinyl pressing was only available second-hand at US$80 a piece. But recently I discovered it available (via at a US record store for a realistic price.

Alone in the world as an M Ward acolyte, my communion became communal when three Christchurch friends were, a couple of years ago, equally blown by the MP3 beamed off my Sony Walkman into their DLNA system. We consummated the union at Bodega, Wellington in 2013. M. Ward did not disappoint; as masterful in his live performance as he was on record.


This evening the stylus hit the groove. Fresh off the boat, 12 inches of black goodness  spun into my life. As always, going from 320kb MP3 to full frequency spectrum analogue was a revelation. The subtlety of every little change in tempo and pitch bend added to the rich gestalt of a complete, masterful performance.

Do a search and you will see some nice writing about this LP. M Ward apparently made this record to mark the passing of his friend Vincent O’Brien. Eulogies come no more heartfelt and virtuoso than this.