Boost for Linwood

Linwood Village shops on Stanmore Road have just had a big boost following the post-quake demolitions.

Hibbards Butchery is back! Having lost their premises in firstly the quake of September 2010 and secondly the quake of February 2011, Hibbards have reopened in the most prominent of the remaining retail spaces.


The cheerful bright green colour scheme and signs are a welcome boost to our devastated shopping precinct.

Swivel 90 degrees to the left, and you can see empty space where Hibbards’ last two premises were.


The guys in Hibbards were lucky to survive the February quake. The roof of their Worcester St premises collapsed to the ground at the street front. Fortunately the boys had fled out the back, which remained upright.

Neighbourhood butcher shops are history in most of the city. Linwood has been a pretty special inner city neighbourhood; one of the few suburbs that has retained a local butcher. Huge ups to the boys at Hibbards for making it happen again.