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East Christchurch disaster – angels needed

8 Mar

This just in from the indomitable Nikki Berry regarding the appalling situation in East Christchurch and how you can help if you have the time:

Hi, could you please pass this on to everyone you know?

I am helping out in Aranui/Wainoni and Bexley areas. The contrast in these areas is pretty horrifying. I live in North New Brighton. Many residents in my area don’t have power and water, but the streets are clean and though I know it’s a struggle for some, it’s nothing like the crisis going on there.

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Hangman is no more – Castle Rock post-quake

3 Mar

Let’s make it official, a fistful of classic Castle Rock climbing routes were destroyed by Christchurch’s 22 February earthquake.

[Update 2 April 2011: The best source of information on the state of Port Hills crags is the Facebook page for the Canterbury-Westland section of the NZ Alpine Club]

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