Earthquake thank you in Richmond

A resident of Avalon St in the Christchurch suburb of Richmond was so overwhelmed with neighbourhood support after the quake that he mounted this sign on his fence.


One whole side of Jonathan’s house was covered with tarpaulins.  It looked like most of the brick wall had collapsed in the earthquake.  Fortunately into an empty section.

I wrote earlier about Flesher Ave a few blocks away.  They got hit very hard.  But most of the rest of Richmond seemed to fare okay.  Sadly, many streets have isolated examples of damage greater than the loss of a chimney.  Jonathan is one example.  Over in Forth St a delightful brick house was also badly shaken up.  Much of the outer layer of bricks are on the ground, a large crack runs through the wall and a window frame is wildly askew.

It will be a shame if we lose more of the quaint remains of old Richmond.  The suburb has been intensively developed with small units.  I delivered twice as many fliers to letterboxes in this area than I would to a similar-sized area elsewhere.