Victorian Floods

While we cope with our Christchurch earthquake aftermath, let’s not forget what is going down in Victoria with flooding right now. This just in from a friend in northern Victoria:

Wow, your beautiful city has been really hit hard. However I most blown away by your statistics, my mind had not got around the number of people who died in Haiti as the result of a similar magnitude quake. It is certainly an amazing and very special ‘gift from the gods’ that no one has lost their life. By looking at photos on the web and your video it could have easily happened. The roads and fronts of buildings are incredible to see.

We were called into action to evacuate our kinder last night at 5pm. I’m president of our managing committee so in the forefront of organising many of the logistics and communicating with people. It has been a very busy weekend and we still don’t know if the kinder will flood until later today or tomorrow. If it floods, as it did in 1993, it may take months to get it refitted and the kids back in there. Hopefully it won’t get to this point. Lots of people have been evacuated from houses around many areas in Vic as we have 7 rivers around Vic in major flood conditions at present. You mentioned community spirit at times like these, it is amazing. We are also experiencing it, so many people, who weren’t on our evacuation emergency list came flooding to the kinder to assist move it’s contents. Free pizzas at the end and lots of extra hands on offer if necessary. 900 hundred people had their houses door knocked over night in 4 hours in Wangaratta to let them know of pending evacuation. Our country has changed a lot since the fires 2 years ago, the commission findings have lead to extra warnings via SMS to mobile phones via the various phone networks. Radio is very vigilant about warnings and hooking up with the emergency services. In general the public perception of what to do in emergency situations has become a lot more conservative. It is a positive thing as I think it will help to save lives.