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Memphis Belle – values first

24 Sep

Update 3 March 2011: The Memphis Belle is a total write off following the 22 Feb 2011 earthquake.  The pharmacist from next door told me that Shane survived.  Tragically, the lovely good-sort Natasha at Wicks Fish (another neighbouring business) and her customer were killed.

Original article September 2010:

Shane Tatum of Memphis Belle pizzeria in Linwood is living the life he loves.  The eccentric decor of the Worcester St eatery gives a hint of the “old soul” who dwells within.  Jam-packed with World War II and related memorabilia, the shop is a delightful experience that money could not buy.

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Sumner Community Gardens

19 Sep

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting the Sumner Community Gardens.  This new project, behind All Saints Church on Wakefield St, is only just kicking off.  But the small organising team are looking forward to creating a vibrant community hub.  Given their enthusiasm and work to date, I think they will achieve just that.

In this video, take a look at the delightful surroundings and hear Kate Saunders talk about the Sumner Community Gardens.


An Awesome Day Out

19 Sep

“A Pleasant Day Out” is the whimsical and apt name given to The Mt Pleasant Residents’ Association annual picnic.

Each year a series of entertainments, food and stalls at the old school site on Major Hornbrook Road provide a backdrop for neighbours to welcome spring and yarn and laugh together.  As the Association’s Chair Linda Rutland noted, this year the picnic was also an opportunity to shake off the earthquake blues.

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17 Sep

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Rebuilding the People’s City

15 Sep

A huge event with the above title occurred in Christchurch tonight.  Around 400 people packed into the sports bar at the Woolston Club to hear views on the rebuilding of Christchurch following the 4 September earthquake.

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Day 8 – Castle Rock

11 Sep

3 March 2011:

Latest on Castle Rock, with photos, here:

27 Feb 2011:

This page is getting a lot of hits from people clearly curious about the fate of Castle Rock in the 2011 earthquake.  The article and images below refer to the the 2010 earthquake.

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Tread carefully – demolition mania

11 Sep

David Killick’s careful consideration of the future of Christchurch buildings, in The Press on 9 Sept.  Read here.  A few quotes:

“During the post-disaster phase, we don’t want to see the unnecessary and untimely and hasty demolition of historic heritage as a result of poor management decisions, poor advice or even perceived opportunities to dispose of unwanted buildings,” Crighton says.

Following the devastation of World War II, some badly bombed cities, such as Vienna, were rebuilt from the original materials in the original style. London’s Docklands, a bomb-damaged zone as late as the 1960s, eventually became one of the city’s priciest areas.

“In the case of Berlin, the real damage followed when developers moved in and removed all traces of the historic city.

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