Green Drinks – 26 August

Green Drinks presents… Solid Energy!

Yes folks, you read right, we have Solid Energy presenting at this Thursday’s Green Drinks.

Andy Matheson, General Manager, Renewable Energy at Solid Energy will talk about the company’s renewable energy initiatives, particularly biofuels.

5:30pm Thursday 26 August, in the No. 8 Dining Room at The Twisted Hop in Poplar Lane.  Andy will speak from 6pm.

This is a great opportunity for intelligent and discerning folk to make up their own minds about Solid Energy’s biofuels programme.  What are their motivations?  Are biofuels a legitimate answer to our energy woes?  What are they actually achieving at the moment?

Andy is a down-to-earth, approachable guy.  He is keen to tell his story, so this is a great chance to have a dialogue.

Come along and ask your questions.  I personally will be fascinated to hear what the questions and answers are on these widely debated issues.

Green Drinks is your chance to mix and mingle with the keen environmental doers and thinkers of Christchurch.  Come along, it will be great to see you.